The 2nd Conference of COST activity CopyTree (CA21157) "In-vitro culture of woody crops: problem solving by new approaches" was hosted by Bulduri Biotechnology Centre and taked place in Jūrmala, Latvia, from April 22 to 24, 2024. Conference brought together the experts from countries worldwide to share insights on the micropropogation of woody plants aiming to meet the growing global demand for tree seedlings.

Among the scientists from more than 30 countries there were also researchers from the Genetic Resources Centre and the Laboratory of Plant Physiology of LSFRI "Silava" Baiba Krivmane (also the member of the Steering Committee of COST activity CopyTree), Ineta Samsone and Toms Kondratovičs, who presented the poster "Optimizing propagation process of hybrid aspen in vitro cultures by the use of LED luminaires" at the Conference.

2024 04 22 CopyTree 2

Program of Conference

2024 04 22 CopyTree 1