(started by Tiit Maran, continued by Guna Bagrade)

No. of the Conf.Country Location Time No. of countries No. of participants No. of presentations No. of posters Reference of publications 
IEstoniaKääriku17–21.09. 1990?> 4??Proceedings of the 1st Baltic Theriological Conference
IILithuania Vilnius20–23.09. 1993????-
IIILatviaSalaspils26–30.09. 19966671522Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Section B. Natural, Exact, and Applied Sciences,
52(1/2), 1998
53(2), 1999
IVEstoniaSagadi18–20.04. 19998791529Folia Theriologica Estonica,
5, 2000
Estonian Acad. Publ., 176 pp.
VLithuania Birštonas15–18.04. 200211572828Acta Zoologica Lituanica
12(4), 2002
13(1), 2003
VILatviaKempeni11–15.11. 2005121022929Acta Zoologica Lituanica
16(2), 2006
VIIEstoniaLepanina1–5.10. 2008141044034Estonian Journal Of Ecology
58(2), 2009
58(3), 2009
VIIILithuania  Palanga7–9.10. 201110712928Abstract book
IXLatviaDaugavpils  16–18.10. 201410964723Abstract book
XEstoniaTartu27–30.09. 2017128236(+3)16Abstract book
XILithuania  On-line26–27.01. 202112?25 full and 24 short presentations-Abstract book


  • The 9th Baltic Theriological Conference9BTC 2014 Abstract Book
    It was held in Latvia at Daugavpils University and Research Center "Ilgas" on October 16–18, 2014. The Conference was organised by the Daugavpils University, Latvian State Forest Research Institute "Silava" and the Latvian Mammalogical Society.
    96 scientists, doctoral students, students and other interested parties from 10 countries attended the conference: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, the Russian Federation, Poland, Finland, Ukraine, Germany and Sweden.
    This conference continued the tradition of sharing achievements, discussing difficulties and challenges in mammalian research, and planning future research projects. It emphasized a new topic: Baltic mammals on a molecular level.
  • The 10th Baltic Theriological Conference10BTC 2017 Abstract BookIt took place in Estonia at the University of Tartu on September 27–30, 2017. The Conference was organized by the University of Tartu and the Estonian Theriological Society.
    80 participants from 12 countries attended the conference: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Japan, the Russian Federation, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Finland.
    The Conference discussed outstanding issues in mammalogy and related areas of scientific research. The conference focused on three main topics: invasive mammalian species, large carnivores, and zoonotic pathogens.
  • The 11th Baltic Theriological Conference11BTC 2021 Abstract BookIt was held online on January 26–27, 2021 in Lithuania. The aim of the 11th Baltic Theriological Conference was to show trends in Baltic theriology in mammalian ecology, fauna and distribution, mammal conservation and management, mammalian genetics, taxonomy and phylogeography, parasitology, and investigation methods.
    There were participants from 12 countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Serbia and Finland.
    New and innovative investigation methods were discussed in nearly all sections. Due to the online format, the possibility of presenting their results in a short oral presentation form was given to all young scientists for the first time. This conference opened up new opportunities in different topics for collaboration and cooperation between not only the Baltic but also Central European countries.