Kristaps Makovskis
Kristaps Makovskis
Amats: pētnieks
Zinātniskais/akadēmiskais grāds: Dr.oec.
Telefons: 26376045
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Jaunākās publikācijas

  • Lazdiņa D., Zuševica A., Makovskis K., Adamovičs A. 2022. Biogas and energy production residues for healthy agroforestry systems and short rotation forest stands-soil amendment from digestate separate, less demanded peat fractions and wood ash mix. In: Chevet P.-F., Scarlat N., Grassi A. (Eds.) 30th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition Proceedings, EUBCE 2022Virtual, 9-12 May 2022, pp. 137-140  
  • Melniks R., Ivanovs J., Lazdins A., Makovskis K. 2022. Mapping drainage ditches in agricultural landscapes using LiDAR data. Agronomy Research, 20(2), 318-325;
  • Prysiazhniuk O., Maliarenko O., Roik M., Fuchylo Y., Lewandowski I., Makovskis K., Lazdina D., von Cossel M. 2022. Biomass dry matter yield of willow and Miscanthus tested in field trials under different low-input agricultural practices on heavy clay soils in Ukraine. Biofuels Bioproducts and Biorefining, 2022;
  • Scordia D., Papazoglou E.G., Kotoula D., Sanz M., Ciria C.S., Pérez J., Maliarenko O., Prysiazhniuk O., von Cossel M., Greiner B.E., Lazdina D., Makovskis K., Lamy I., Ciadamidaro L., Petit-dit-Grezeriat L., Corinzia S.A., Fernando A.L., Alexopoulou E., Cosentino S.L. 2022. Towards identifying industrial crop types and associated agronomies to improve biomass production from marginal lands in Europe. GCB Bioenergy, 2022;
  • Līcīte I., Makovskis K., Kalēja S., Zimelis A., Champion J., Lazdiņš A. 2021. Greenhouse gas mitigation potential of forest biofuel originated in Latvia. In: Proceedings of the 10th International Scientific Conference “Rural Development 2021: Challenges for Sustainable Bioeconomy and Climate Change”, 21-23 September 2021. Kaunas: Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy, p. 106-111;

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